Getting Started

How to Register on SURATION

Tips for using the SURATION search engine and filters
The video below provides a quick overview of our search engine and some of its major features. Register for the 10 day free trial, try some different search strategies and explore the filters to narrow your search and find what you need.

Helpful registration hints:  

  • Remember your User Name is made up of lower case letters, numbers and a dash "_" or hypen "-" symbol. NO capital letters or other symbols. Criteria are written to the right of the User Name box.  
  • Your Password is made up of at least one capital letter, lower case letters, numbers and symbols, e.g., @, #, $, %, etc. Criteria are written to the right of the Password box. 
  • You will need to put in credit card information, but it will NOT be billed until the 11th day. You may cancel anytime, during the 10 days without your card being charged. 
  • If you should click a button that takes you out of the registration sequence, just click the "back" button on the upper left of your screen until you get back to the right screen and continue as usual. 
  • Be sure to remember your User Name and Password - that is how you will login into SURATION.