About Us

To help teachers, students, and parents access and use expertly vetted educational resources on the internet.


The name SURATION is derived from terms Search and Curation and describing a searchable collection of curated educational resources. But, SURATION is not only the collection. It is also a process through which we:

  • Select only expertly vetted educational resources for inclusion in our curated search engine, tagging those resources consistently using multiple educational taxonomies.
  • Provide ultra-accurate search tools with education-speak advanced filtering features.
  • Give users tools to build resource libraries and share those resources with others.
  • Create an environment appropriate for children and adults alike.
  • School districts may curate and add their own content, which is added to SURATION’s national content database, but viewable only by that school district.
  • Content can be aligned to national and state standards, and pacing guides, and personalized to maximize student achievement and motivation to learn.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help teachers, students, and parents access and use expertly vetted educational resources on the Internet. Our team of educational experts - with experience in curation, instructional design, varied pedagogical approaches, learning styles, classroom instruction, and aligning Common Core standards - reviews and vets each and every resource in our collection. Our curation team is complemented by our development team to ensure the search features and tools of SURATION are designed for maximum accuracy and ease-of-use.

Our Curators

Our curators - all expert educators - use a variety of methods to find best-in-class resources and consider the ways in which they will be useful for instruction or student research. And while we are always linking to new providers and their resources, we also continually monitor for broken, changed, and aging website links and retire or replace resources as newer or better ones become available. We proactively seek and encourage your feedback and do our best to incorporate your suggestions into our curated search engine.

SURATION currently covers K-12 content, with plans to expand to additional subjects in the near future. New resources are added every day.

When you try SURATION, you'll find that the content is appropriate for both in the classroom and at home, and is optimized for all devices.

With the skyrocketing interest in building and using Open Educational Resources (0ER) in schools and at home, new and free teaching and learning resources are published every day. Our job is to ensure the best of these new resources are made easily accessible to you. That also includes working closely with publishers and other strategic partners who develop and distribute the highest quality content.

As an organization, SURATION focuses primarily on the quality of search results. Our goal is for you to have easy access to a variety of exceptional resources from many providers, spanning a large array of content areas and pedagogical approaches. We eliminate time-consuming, inconsistent, inaccurate, and inappropriate search results so you will find what you need quickly and use it with confidence.

The Leadership Team

Founder and CEO, Caleb M. Schutz


Caleb M.Schutz

Founder and CEO

Having built and directed three educational organizations in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, Caleb has a track record and reputation of accomplishment. His products and services continue to be used by millions of educators and students. He has held leadership positions at IBM, MCI and National Geographic Including building two award winning educational programs: Marcopolo—internet Content for the Classroom (1996) and JASON Project—Education through Exploration (2005). Caleb brings his executive and business experience to building the SURATION brand and product development. Contact Caleb M. Schutz at calebschutz@suration.com